Manual Muscle Testing: More Than and Less Than What You May Have Thought it Was

The MSC is energized and excited to share with you the results of our extensive probe into the origins and efficacy of MMT. 

The founding MSC members (also the course instructors) - who represent 100 years of combined professional experience in the field of exercise - have been diligent in the task of crafting the framework necessary for producing high quality courses.  We decided to tackle the topic of Manual Muscle Testing as our initial course offering.  We chose MMT for a singular reason: we, ourselves, wanted answers.  We sought answers to fundamental questions regarding the history, methodology, and validity of MMT.  It became obvious, early in our exploration, that most of the readily available information about MMT was full of anecdotes and conjecture.  As such, this information was unsuitable for explaining the many problems and potential benefits of MMT.  In response, we sought out and reviewed the highest quality references available.  The materials reviewed represent over 120 years of published works found in historical texts, current texts, peer-reviewed journal articles, and online resources.  The results of this exploration are too important not to share.  We compiled the results of this literature review into a 16-hour course that also includes our professional analysis, practical experimentation, and lots of hands-on time to supplement the written content.

Please know that the MSC is committed to providing its students - our colleagues - with unbiased, accurately referenced, quality information that is free from personal anecdotes and erroneous branding jargon.  We aim to empower practitioners, of all disciplines, to make the most informed decisions possible.

The MSC is pleased to learn that, already, other educational organizations are following our example.  These organizations have recently initiated attempts to cite the original sources and contributors to their bodies of work.  The MSC hopes this trend continues.  All educators should hold themselves accountable for the materials they present.  The MSC wholeheartedly supports this accountability in scholarship, and hopes that each of you - our friends, colleagues, and students - will fearlessly hold the MSC and any other educational institution to the highest standard in this regard. 

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